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Soulspirational Wellness offers a variety of classes in-person and online. 

All classes are listed on the social site Meetup. Classes that are also available to take online will be listed. 

For a list of our upcoming classes (added monthly) please click here to go to our Meetup site  or click the Meetup Classes button. 

Classes include:

  • Reiki Certification (all levels, in-person only). Please click here for more details

  • Tarot 

  • Psychic Development

  • Healing Meditations

  • and  more

Recorded Classes you can take anytime  (See Below)

Reiki Lessons for Continuing Education
I'm currently offering Reiki Lessons for the reiki student and energy worker. These are not certification classes, I see them as continuing education for the practitioner.
Knowing there's only so much we can offer in a day or two of a reiki certification class, having a source for additional information can be beneficial for your self-care and, if you're a practitioner, for your clients. 
I record these lessons live in the studio and offer them online through Learn It Live.
Below are the live-recorded classes.

Psychic Development Series
Here are the current live recorded psychic development classes: 

Other (recorded) Spiritual/Healing Classes

Find the missing pieces to your life!

Discover your soul's purpose!

Gain the wisdom and feel the light that is you!

My mission is to help myself and others on their soul's journey, and to help us all achieve a more peaceful, contented, and happy life.

Part of how I serve my mission is through classes and private services.

Classes are offered Live in-studio or online. Classes range from spiritual development to personal healing, and continuing education for reiki practitioners and energy workers.

Start your in-person or online learning today and let the healing and awakening begin!

We need more Lightworkers and
Way-showers in the world. Join us!

My online and in-person classes include:

Reiki - all levels (in-studio only)

Healing meditations

Psychic development

Channeling classes

Spirit communication classes

Chakra classes

and more.

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