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Meet John Snyder

All practitioners are independent, they are not employees of Soulspirational.
Todash Intuitive Healing Welcomes You

Todash Intuitive Healing Welcomes You

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These are some results my clients have experienced:

  • An end to shame

  • Clarity of mind (the human condition)

  • Being mindful of your direction in life

  • Support in empowerment on your journey (no judgement, no shame)

  • Break through your entanglements

Services and Prices

Reiki: $100/60 min
Tarot: $50/30 min session; $100/60 min session
Mediumship: $100/60 min session
Spiritual Consultation/Coaching: $100/60 min session
Vibroacoustic Therapy: Please click here for rates and info

My Story

An intuitive healer with a lifelong dedication to the art of healing, I have spent my life honing my skills, with several pauses for reflection and growth. These pauses have not been empty gaps, but rather periods of deep learning and personal development that have enriched my practice. I specialize in Reiki, intuitive healing, and channeling, techniques that allow me to connect deeply with those I assist. In addition to my healing work, I am an experienced Tarot reader, with a particular fondness for the Celtic Cross Spread. This practice enhances my intuitive work, providing detailed and comprehensive guidance. Recently, I have found great success in working with dementia patients, a testament to my patience, empathy, and understanding of their unique needs. This work is particularly close to my heart as my own mother is in the final stages of dementia. My healing work is not just a profession, but a calling that I have felt and followed throughout my life. My goal is to help heal the world, one hurt person, plant, or animal at a time, using intuitive techniques that I have developed and refined over the years. Committed to following a path of enlightenment, I strive for personal growth, self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of the world around me. I believe in meeting people where they are, and I am equipped with many wonderful tools provided by Soulspirational Wellness that enhance the practice of my craft. I hope that those who read this bio will feel inspired to reach out to me for any of my services.

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Contact John directly at:
Phone: (234) 738-8053
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