Member Benefits

Coming Soon! Members Only area will allow members to access classes and meditations. These videos are beneficial to everyone on their wellness path! If you're a Reiki professional, these videos can help develop your practice and give you unique experience to help your clients! As a member, you'll receive access to:



  • Healing Meditations

  • Grounding and Connecting Meditations

  • Aura Clearing Meditation

  • Monthly and Yearly Cleansing Meditations

  • Chakra Meditations

  • more will be added monthly


Energy Classes

  • Healing Hands and Breath

  • Past Life Healing

  • Auras and Chakras

  • Earth Energy Healing

  • more will be added monthly

We have also added a collection of free videos on our Videos/Meditations tab. 

Here's a free guided meditation  for your enjoyment!