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My mission is to help others on their soul's journey, and to help you achieve a more peaceful, contented, and happy life.

I serve my mission by serving you; through classes and private services.

Classes are offered Live in-studio or online. Classes range from spiritual development to personal healing to showing you how to help others.

Many people over the years have said that I, and Soulspirational as a whole, changed their life.

The only way to find out if it can help you, too, is by taking action. Start by taking one class or watching one of my videos to get your energy and mind moving. Each step takes you closer to spiritual liberation and evolution. You were meant to shine!

Start your in-person or online learning today and let the healing and awakening begin!

My online and in-person classes include:

Reiki - all levels (in-studio only)

Healing meditations

Psychic development

Channeling classes

Spirit communication classes

Chakra classes

and more.

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