Self-Care and Self-Empowerment Classes

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Finally Heal It and Lose It!
In this class, I'll show you how to go deep to heal pain at the root. Bring your journal for this powerful class!
Manifesting Through Chakra Alignment
If you've been using the Law of Attraction and not receiving results, you may not be aware that your energy body is blocking or batting away what the Universe has been bringing to you. 
Align your chakras to what you're manifesting. Start receiving what you've been visualizing! 
Manifesting Through Chakra Alignment
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We are currently offering Tarot Practice groups, Psychic Practice Groups, and Psychic Classes.

I'm thrilled at how much people are learning about their own innate gifts of intuition and in-sight. 

Some people believe tarot is dark and shouldn't be touched. Like most things in life, however, it's our own perception that makes tarot - or anything else - dark. Working with tarot cards gives you a tool to tap into your own God-given intuition for guidance on earth. Learn how this gift can help you.

Today, the word 'intuition' has been used as a replacement word for 'psychic'. There are so many misconceptions about psychics that the word intuition feels better to some.


Whichever word you choose, you were given these gifts at birth. Our culture and society have shut them down, making us fearful to use them, but you can choose to own your God-given gifts and use them to help navigate your life. 

Developing your tarot and psychic abilites bring you inward - to your God space within. It's a space to learn how to trust and empower yourself. 

Come join us and find out about the gifts that have been lying dormant in you. For those who already know you have these abilities, we offer a safe space without judgment to hone and build your skills. 

See a list of our upcoming classes.

Reiki Shares
Reiki shares are a great way to build and hone your skills. When you come in for a share with us, you'll be surrounded by loving, caring, supportive people. We encourage you to open up to what you're receiving in our intuitive reiki shares; which allows you to gain confidence and be more effective. 
Watch our video above to see what a reiki share looks like.
In our shares, you do not have to be a practitioner. If you've been interested in learning reiki, attending a share can give you a base knowledge before you begin. 
Heal It and Lose It. Emotional Healing.
Soul Retrieval: Take Back the Pieces of You!
When traumatic things happen to us in life, a part of our soul can get left behind. For some, this leaves us feeling broken or less than whole. No longer!
Time to take back the pieces of you!
Misc Spiritual Classes
Private and Group
At the Center and Online 

Since we offer a variety of classes and events to help you along your spiritual path, please visit our Meetup group to find what we're currently offering and to get more detailed information. 


Here are a few:

  • Reiki for adults and kids

  • Psychic Development

  • Chakra Classes

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Prayer Nights

  • Soulful Sundays (Spiritual Support Group)

  • Tarot for the Soul

  • Discussion groups

  • Group Healings

  • and more!

Chakra Analysis and Healing Certification Class
Take your energy healing to a whole new level! 
I'll show you,through years of experience, how to feel into the chakras.
Learn how to analyze, balance, and heal chakras for optimum healing reults and benefits!
Chakra Certification Class
Soulful Sundays
Gather with us in love, support, fellowship, meditation, prayer and affirmations.
If your life feels dark, lonely, or unfulfilled, join us for Soulful Sunday!
Soulful Sundays: prayers, affirmations, fellowship
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