You're Not Broken

Please let me tell you that you are NOT broken! Our human experiences lead us to believe we are broken! If you have experienced any form of abuse, it probably had a great impact on your life.

Most of us were not taught coping skills when we were young. And, most of us did not receive counseling for traumas we may have experienced in life. When we put these things together, it's no wonder so many of us feel as though we are broken.

If you had a parent, for example, that didn't show you love, respect, or appreciation, it's easy to feel as though you've been rejected, unwanted, or unloved. If you suffered sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, it compounds these emotions and feelings.

Maybe a teacher or respected member of the family or community has said or behaved badly towards you as a child; how are you supposed to reconcile that?

Here's are a perfectly whole, beautiful being of light. That's how! I know it may not seem like that now - it took me years to see it in myself - but you are! Whether or not you believe in a God, Divine Source, or Universal Energy, you ARE a diving being.

Many times people have asked me to fix them because they are broken. Or they feel as though they are a "hot mess". A person my feel that way, but they are truly perfect, beautiful spiritual beings waiting to be discovered. I help them discover this divine place within themselves.

We've spent so much time focusing on other people's words and actions towards us that we take them for fact. Have you ever stopped to listen to the dialogue in your head about yourself? Where did it come from? I'd be willing to bet it came from an outside source. Your Divine, True Self would never say such things. It knows who you truly are!

Many of us who feel broken have a hard time trusting ourselves. How can we trust ourselves when we weren't given the skills and support as children? Maybe we discovered some of our strengths as adults, but we still seek guidance and confirmation of things from others because we truly still don't trust ourselves. I'm asking you to try, even if you have to fake it for a while, try to trust yourself. Start small. The next time you feel like reaching out to a family member or friend for confirmation that you're doing the right thing, go ahead and take action without consultation. If this is a major issue, for now seek their guidance until you build your self-trust. However, if it's something more trivial, see what would happen if you trusted yourself to make your own decisions?

And I know it may be a lot to ask right now, but try to allow yourself to trust and believe that you are so much more than a human being. You are worthy of love, compassion, and kindness. All these things start with you. If you continue to take steps toward your divine light, you'll see for yourself that you are NOT broken! You are a perfect, whole, spiritual being. All the best to you!

From a previous post from SoulGuideTish.

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