From Tragedy to Triumph

Oh, how many times have we heard about singers, actors, and other well-known people tell their stories about how they’ve gone from tragedy to triumph? Do you think they’ve overcome obstacles and hardships in their lives because they’re chosen or special? Well, they’re no different from you or I. We all have an opportunity to experience triumph. Maybe we won’t be nominated for an Emmy or Oscar (unless that’s the path you’re traveling), but we can be winners in our own lives!

Following the path to Triumph isn’t always easy. In fact, for most of us, it can be a rather long, arduous path that winds around. Maybe sometimes it even brings us back to places we’ve been before. When I think of my path, my journey, I think about the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. Sometimes it takes us longer to get where we’d like to be, but if you stay focused and directed on your path, you’ll reach your destination with a renewed sense of pride, strength, appreciation, compassion, and love.

Oh, there will be obstacles in the way. If you choose to change your perception, however, those obstacles become learning lessons. They even sometimes remind us that we’ve drifted off our path and to find our way back again. During these times, open your heart to allow love, compassion, understanding, and non-judgment for yourself. The journey can be beautiful. You can even choose to see flowers, bushes, trees, or animals on your path. Line it with whatever brings joy to your heart.

Along your path you will occasionally be reminded of how far you’ve come. It’s kind of like seeing mile markers along the way. For instance, you may notice behaviors of others that used to drive you nuts, now doesn’t even faze you. You may notice that you start to respond rather than react to people and situations. Eventually, you’ll feel more grounded, centered, and focused.

The triumph I’m talking about here isn’t about material wealth or possessions. I’m talking about spiritual triumph – which may lead to those other things – but a much deeper, profound triumph. There is no tragedy you’ve endured that you can’t overcome if you follow your true path.

There is such a beauty in healing. I invite you to explore the path of spiritual wellness. You may, for the first time, discover the real You!

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