Healing is Not for the Faint of Heart...

But neither is staying stuck! Some of us want to start releasing negative energy from our youth early in adulthood. Some of us wait until we're grandparents to start the healing process of our youth and all the years in between. When you're ready, you'll know. Sometimes we just get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sometimes we're willing to make changes before we get that deep. Wherever you are in the spectrum, healing is a process and will take time. It can be dark. It can be difficult. Some of us have so much to release that it'll take all of this lifetime - and maybe more - to release it all. But if you take it a bit at a time, be kind to yourself in the process, you may just find what I have found: There is beauty in healing.

Have you noticed a pattern in your life such as the same type of man/woman? Do you tend to attract negative people or positive people? Do you find yourself complaining a lot about how your life has been or currently is? Do you feel something is missing in your life, but you don't where to find it because you don't know what it is?

When you read an article in a magazine that resonates deeply with you, it may be a puzzle piece in your healing process. Maybe you've recently read a self-help book that got your mental and emotional wheels spinning. It's another piece of the puzzle. Have your friends pointed out certain behaviors that you haven't been ready or willing to listen to or look at? Yep, it’s another piece of the puzzle. Have you sat in church feeling uplifted and wished your daily life could feel like that? Another piece of the puzzle.

We're given hints, suggestions, and nudges along our journey. Sometimes we simply store the information and continue on without taking much notice. Other times we may feel something deeply but don't know what to do about it so we continue on. When you’re ready, you can take these puzzle pieces, put them together, and start forming a picture of what has been going on and what your soul is asking for.

I would suggest seeking out a good spiritual counselor, soul guide, or even a mental health professional to help put the pieces together. You may find things that you hate to admit about yourself. You may get upset that you’ve been tolerating unhealthy behaviors from others. Maybe you’ll feel sad because you’ve spent so much time complaining instead of enjoying life. None of these things feel good; however, once you finally start to address them, you can begin the healing process, a little at a time.

You can heal your emotional wounds of the past. You can learn to trust yourself. You can learn to love yourself. You can learn to trust and love others, if that’s been difficult for you.

No, healing isn’t for the faint of heart, but neither is being stuck. Learn how to forgive, love, and trust. Learn how to release what no longer serves you. Your soul, after all, has been lovingly nudging you.

All the best on your journey!

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