What's Really Motivating You?

Sometimes we're given signs, signals, and straight up blows to the head that we need to pay attention to something. I was given one of those today. I've been working really hard on something and realized - though it's something I really want - my motivation has been to please someone else. What?!?! Yes, I realized that I have been working hard for someone else, not me - and not for the greatest good of it. My motivation has been skewed. Ahhh!

When it dawned on me, I had a moment of being hard on myself. Then I took my own advice. Instead of beating myself up for the wrong motivation, I forgave myself and immediately began rethinking what I'm doing, and what it means to be motivated for the highest good. In that moment, I felt something release. I have been feeling a level of resistance and couldn't understand why. Until today.

I am now refocusing my attention and efforts with the right energy - the right motivation - behind it. Time will tell the impact it will make, but I'm confident things will be much smoother now.

Life is about learning and the universe will let us know when we're not paying attention to that which can make our life flow easier. It will help us learn and grow. This probably won't be the last time I feel resistance throughout life, but I am glad it finally hit me today so I can move forward with better clarity - and a little laughter.

All the best to you!

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