Conscious Awareness of Your Body

Okay, so most of us have seen our share of romantic movies. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. Sometimes we do both. Have you watched a horror movie and found yourself sitting on the edge of your seat? Have you watched the local news and felt disgust?

Different things such as TV, movies, music, blog posts, etc. bring out our emotions. Have you ever stopped in the middle of an intense scene during a movie to feel your body's energy? It's a great way to bring conscious awareness into your life.

Feeling scared while watching a horror movie? Feel into it and notice your energy!

The next time you find yourself caught up in a scene, stop and take notice of what your body is doing. Pay attention to what your face is doing. Notice if your shoulders are tense. Go a little further and try to sense if you're feeling anything deeper. If you're familiar with the seven main chakras, notice how they're feeling. Do you feel sick in the solar plexus. Do you feel joy in the heart chakra? Does your throat feel closed off?

Then ask yourself if this is an emotion you want feel? If you're feeling stressed, probably not. If you're feeling love, probably so. This exercise is not meant to take the fun out of movies, TV, etc. It is, however, a way for you to start paying attention to how your body reacts to different stimuli.

Start paying attention to how your body reacts to emotions.

By doing this, we can start becoming more aware of how daily life situations affect us. If you find yourself annoyed at a co-worker, feel where you're carrying that energy in your body. If you can feel it and it doesn't feel good, you can choose to adjust or shift your energy. [You can read our blog post on how to shift your energy for that technique.]

Likewise, when you're feeling an emotion such as love or joy, where do you feel it? Maybe you're feeling 'butterflies' in your stomach or solar plexus. You may feel very expansive in your heart chakra. Really take in the energy of that emotion. Feel it.

When you practice this exercise, I suggest always checking in with the face. The face really shows our emotions. Have you ever seen someone's eyes light up when they smile? When you're feeling content, notice how soft your face and eyes feel. When you're upset, notice if your eyebrows are tight or tense. Then ask yourself if this is the kind of energy you want to hold on to.

Most of us spend our days experiencing a lot of different emotions without much ado. However, when you start paying attention to where you are storing this energy and how it's affecting you, you can begin to make changes. It's also a good way to help us begin the process, or strengthen the process, of learning to respond rather than react.

Stop running on autopilot! Start taking control of your emotions!

Here's another thing to consider, when we react emotionally to someone else's behavior, it affects us. Do you want their behavior to affect your body; physically or energetically? We may not be able to control other people, but we can learn to control, on some level, how we're going to allow it to affect us.

By becoming more consciously aware, you're becoming more mindful. So many of us are on autopilot and don't stop to be mindful of how we're feeling, how we're reacting, or how something is affecting us. Now that you've just read this, you don't have an excuse. The more you pay attention - being mindful - the more you can begin to make changes in this area of your life.

By becoming more consciously aware, you're becoming more mindful.

There are times I catch myself reacting to something that isn't even important. When I recognize it, I get to choose how I want to continue. Having a choice and taking responsibility for our choices can be very eye-opening and empowering.

Meditation, mindfulness, and Reiki are at the base of my healing and spiritual path. I also practice self-care using these tools but also by giving myself an emotional break. I try to offer myself the same love, understanding, and non-judgment that I would give to a stranger.

Time to lighten your load!

So yes, emotions carry energy. What you choose to carry is up to you. It may just be time to lighten the load!

All the best on your road ahead!

If you're interested in learning how to begin using mindfulness, meditation, or Reiki in your daily life, please contact me here. I'd love to work with you!

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We recently added a video: How to Feel Subtle Energy.

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