A Story of Prayer

A Story of Prayer

About 15-20 years ago, I heard a story that really affected me. I don’t remember the exact details, but I remember the most important parts, for me.

A woman spoke of her out of body experience during a near-fatal car accident on the freeway. She recalled looking down on the horrific scene below. While in this incredible state, she could see the other cars stopped behind them as traffic came to a standstill. She recalled that a couple cars behind her sat a woman in her own car. This woman began to pray for the people in the car accident. The woman experiencing the OBE said she could hear and feel the other woman’s prayers.

The power of prayer stuck with this woman, and it has stuck with me. From then on, whenever I drive by an accident or see an ambulance pass by, I send prayers for all involved. When someone asks me for prayers for themselves or others, I send them. When I scroll through Facebook and someone is asking for prayers, I honor their request. We just don’t know what soul we may be affecting when we do.

It has made me wonder, if we can say prayers for others, do they feel it? Do they know? Is it only in our open state in which we can sense these prayers? I have sometimes wondered if my unexplained uplifted mood was from a friend or a loved one thinking about me in a joyful way. To me, directed and intentional thoughts can also be prayers.

Recently, I had a Past Life Recall session. I recalled a past life where I was a slave named Carl. I suffered repeated lashings for many different reasons. I remember seeing a slightly older black woman named Betsy. She cooked for and served the owners their meals. I remember feeling a bit envious of Betsy because she was more protected than those of us forced to work outside.

When I (Carl) was hanged for insubordination, I could feel my soul leave Carl’s body. As it did, I could feel the enormous sense of love wash through my soul. I heard Betsy pray for my soul. I felt Betsy pray for my soul. Though she was not present for my hanging, she knew what was happening and took the time to pray for me.

I can’t begin to explain the enormity of that moment. It was confirmation for me that even if we’re not consciously feeling prayers from others, our soul feels it. The sensation literally brought tears of love to my eyes. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

I firmly believe in the power of prayer and the power of positive thoughts. Each and every one of us has the ability to prayer for others, global events, and for the world. I ask you to spend some time today sending prayers to those you love.

Thank you.

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