Hate, Fear, Anger: How to feel separated from Oneness

Hate, Fear, Anger: How to feel separated from Oneness

Okay, I don’t like using low-vibration terms such as these, but all of us have experienced these emotions from time to time. They’re part of our human experience. The trouble comes when we feel empowered by them. Or when we wrap them around us like a warm blanket.

These emotions offer us a warning that something is out of balance, or not in harmony, with our soul. They offer us an opportunity for growth, evolution, compassion and more. How long we sit in the darkness or misery of these emotions depends entirely on you. The sooner you become consciously aware that you’re in one or more of these emotions, the sooner you can climb out.

I say consciously aware because most of us can certainly recognize on the surface that we are feeling hatred, anger, or fear. It’s when we take it a step further and ask ourselves: What does it feel like in my body? What thoughts are going through my mind? Do I want to continue to feel this way? Am I giving away my power?

When adversity strikes, it is an opportunity for growth. Often the universe will continue to bring similar situations to us until we have overcome them. So what will you do when things come up that elicit these emotions?

Let’s take a moment to talk about Oneness. If you believe that we are all created by the same energy – God/Universe/the Divine, etc. – then we are all connected. There are some 7+ billion people connected to this source; which doesn’t account for animals and all other living beings. If we are connected to this divine light, then doesn’t the divine feel our pain as well as our joy?

If so, then as the energy travels to the Source, it’s also possible that each of us on a very minute level can feel the same pain or joy from someone living in the same city or across the world. We are all connected. The sooner we move beyond hatred, fear, and anger, the sooner we can get to a place of acceptance, love, etc. The more people who feel acceptance, love, joy, etc., the sooner we feel it collectively.

When we hate someone, we create a form of separateness. It’s hard to accept someone when you hate them. With 7+ billion people in the world, there will certainly be people who don’t resonate with our energy. In this case, oftentimes anyway, we can simply choose not to spend time with them. We consciously state that we recognize the person is part of the divine and, therefore, we are connected. However, they simply may not be resonating on the same frequency as us. So we recognize our connection even when we choose not to be around them.

We can acknowledge that each of us is here to learn, grow, and evolve and that we are all on our own journey. By doing so, you are honoring their journey while not taking things personally. I see it as Namaste: the divine light in me recognizes the diving light in you.

Hatred is a very strong emotion. It does more damage to the person carrying the hatred than it does to the person being hated. When we experience such a strong emotion, it’s a good time to look inward. Is there something this person does that you do too? People often come to us as a mirror. If you see qualities in a person you ‘hate’, it could be a part of you that you hate. Or, do you hate someone because they appear to have more than you? It’s up to you to look inside to find the reason.

I’m asking you to go deeper than the surface. If you feel hatred because they have more, why is that? Do you feel less of a person than them? Do you feel like you deserve it more and hate them because they have this ‘great life’ and you don’t? Be honest.

When we get honest with ourselves, the healing and growth can begin. Reasons may be so deep that you may even want to consult a mental health professional to help you navigate this part of your journey.

Again, hatred is a heaviness you carry, not the person you hate. In fact, they generally continue on their happy lives while we continue to carry the darkness of the emotion. When you release the hatred, you are more connected with love. Love is a much greater energy to be connected to.

Fear is another emotion that can stop us in our tracks. Fear is part of our baser instincts. It has helped our species survive after all. However, many of us experience fear even when our lives aren’t being threatened. There are many acronyms for fear. One that I learned a long time ago is Fantasized Experience Appearing Real.

Fear can keep us from our community. It can keep us from living a full life. It can keep us from finding a healthy partner or a better job. Mostly, though, it can keep us from being wholly who we were meant to be.

When you go to the root to find where your fear began, it can offer great insight. You may discover that a parent was fearful and you learned it from them. It could’ve been something you read about. It could be that you’ve been hurt before in a relationship, for example, and you fear being hurt again. In fact, some fear may even stem from past lifetimes.

Fear can make us recoil and disconnect. This keeps us from feeling connected either to the divine, other people, or both. When you begin to understand where the fear is coming from, you can begin the process of healing. Through healing, we can let go of some or all of the fear and move towards the joy of life. This can make us feel more connected to the divine.

I see the opposite of fear as ‘knowing’. When I ‘know’ that the universe has my back, I’m less fearful. I may not know the outcome of a situation, but I’ve learned that something beautiful is about to happen or there will be a great lesson for me to learn. I changed my perspective and the fear dissipated.

Anger is another strong emotion that most of us feel from time to time. There are times when anger might arise because we feel we have lost control – or have no control – over a situation or person. When someone betrays us, whether through friendship or an intimate relationship, we feel angry.

Anger will often pop up with hate. The person we ‘hate’ angers us. Anger gives our power away. We certainly don’t look approachable when we’re angry. We’re not in a loving, accepting energy. Most of us don’t like the things that come to mind or our actions/words when we’re angry.

Sometimes it feels good to vent, to let it all out. But what about it have you kept inside that it would get to a point where you need to ‘vent’ it? And what about it makes you so angry? And then, do you get past the anger to figure out what happened or do you sit and stew in the anger? You have a choice: you can allow it to eat at you or you can process, heal, and move beyond it.

I see the opposite of anger as peace. You may see it as something else. The point here is to get you thinking, to get you to go deeper.

No one really likes hating people. No one really likes feeling angry or fearful. There is no warm blanket of hate, anger, or fear. The blanket is cold and wet and serves no one – least of all, you.

With all three of these emotions at the surface, it’s hard to feel or see the divine light that runs through us. This light is the same (in my experience) in each person. The difference is that most of us don’t stop to think about our divinity. We don’t stop to acknowledge that what we send out into the world comes back to us. We don’t realize that these emotions, when chronic, block this light.

If you would like to feel your light, or see your internal, divine light, then maybe it’s time to look deeper. Go deeper into you. Ask for help if you need it. You can shed the darkness and feel the light. In this light, it’s much easier to see how each and every one of us is connected.

In this space, it’s very hard to hate, or stay angry or fearful. When I’m in a loving energy, it’s so much easier to send thoughts of wellness to others. I choose not to let anger control me. I choose not to let fear stop me from following my dreams. I choose not to hate anyone or anything.

I choose Oneness. I recognize all of us are on our own path of self-discovery. Each of us has our own story. Each of us gets to choose how we want to spend our life. You are the one with the power. You get to choose.

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