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TV Episodes

Soulspirational Wellness is on WCTV!
Watch Awakening with Soulspirational anytime!
As a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher, I share tips and insights on subtle energy and reiki.
Some videos give you new ways to think. 

Visit our YouTube channel for all of our videos. Subscribe to our channel while you're there for the latest videos!

Episode 88, Body Talk

Episode 87, Ego, With Steve and Rick

Episode 80, Alignment, With Steve and Rick

Episode 79, Connection, With Steve and Rick

Episode 78, Synchronicity, With Steve and Rick

Episode 77, Resistance, With Steve and Rick

Episode 76, Ascension With Steve and Rick

Episode 75, Connecting and Grounding Meditation

Episode 74, Soul Session Notes

Episode 73, Be Full of Yourself

Episode 72, Throat Chakra: Speak Your Truth

Episode 71, Visualization Tips

Episode 70, Spiritual and Healing Tools

Episode 69, Joy and Creation Oracle Cards

Episode 68, As Long As There Is Breath

Episode 67, Chakra Card: Renewal

Episode 66, Lead With Your Passion

Episode 65, Tips for Anxiety

Episode 64, The Warrior Self

Episode 63, Tish and Rick Talk Spiritual Classes

Episode 62, Stop Taking on the Energy of Others

Episode 61, 2020 A Year of Love

Episode 60, 2019 Wrap Up

Episode 59, Silence

Episode 58, Perception

Episode 57, Reiki Talk 2

Episode 56, Reiki Talk

Episode 55, Brotherhood

Episode 54, Humanity

Episode 53, Energy Tips

Episode 52, Healing Journey

Episode 51, Ecclesiastes

Episode 50, Cleansing the Ear Ways

Episode 49, Lists for Your Soul

Episode 48, Spread Love Within

Episode 47, Honor Thy Body

Episode 46, Language of Love

Episode 45, Reiki Session​

Episode 44, Balancing and Harmonizing

Episode 43, New Year's Intention Setting

Episode 42, Crown Chakra

Episode 41, Third Eye Chakra

Episode 40, Throat Chakra

Episode 39, Heart Chakra

Episode 38, Solar Plexus Chakra

Episode 37, Sacral Chakra

Episode 36, Root Chakra

Episode 35, Chakra Introduction

Episode 34, Speaking with Love

Episode 33, Showing Up for Your Soul

Episode 32, Lighten Your Load

Episode 31, Affirmation Placement

Episode 30, Everyday Mindfulness

Episode 29, The Clairs

Episode 28, Psychometry

Episode 27, Yearly Soul Cleanse

Episode 26, Reiki for One

Awakening with Soulspirational received the 2018 Host With The Most award in 2018.

Brought home a couple awards from the 2018 WCTV Clapper Awards

Watch on WCTV

You can watch episodes anytime just by clicking on them.

If you live in the Wadsworth, Ohio area, you can watch the latest episodes on channel 15

at the following times:

Sun:  2:30 pm

Mon:  8:30 pm

Tue:  9:00 am

Wed:  11:30 pm

Thurs:  3:00 pm

Fri:  8:30 pm

Sat:  11:00 am

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