About Me

A personal message from me to you explaining why I do what I do. 
Rev. Tish Niedzwiecki, B.Msc., RMT

Tish is a spiritual leader in the community, online, and on TV


Tish is a licensed spiritual minister, has a bachelor's degree in Metaphysics, and is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher. Not only does she offer private sessions, she teaches what she's learned on her healing and spiritual journey. Her expertise and compassion can help guide you to a happier, healthier life!

With nearly 20 years of experience on her own spiritual journey, healing and metabolizing much pain, Tish has gained many skills and developed unique techniques along the way to help you on yours.



Depending on your location, Tish will travel to you for most of the above services.

A Few Words from Tish

What guided me here, to the healing field? Pain. Suffering. Depression. Despair. Anxiety. Feeling as though I don't belong: here, on this earth. As if I came from another planet. Anger at God for bringing me here. Feeling abandoned by my mother and by God. Feeling like I was some punchline or joke, and that my pain was insignificant to the gods above just laughing at me. 

Though many times I thought of giving up, something inside of me kept me going. If I was going to survive, I had to find an outlet for my pain. I was determined to push beyond the abuses, the victimization, and the anger I carried in my mind and body. Back then I wasn't thinking much about my soul, but my mind and body were being ravaged by my suffering.

What I didn't know when I was young was that clues were being placed along my path. Clues, like puzzle pieces, that I slowly put together to help guide and direct me. I wasn't consciously looking for these pieces, but in hindsight, I realize they were there. 

I didn't know where to turn or who to turn to. Mental health providers did their best, but the answers, in my case, weren't there. What I didn't know then is this was larger and deeper than what they could help me with. I came to realize there was a disconnect between my mind, body, and soul. At some point, my healing journey turned into a spiritual journey. The more I became consciously aware, and the more I started to take care of myself, the quicker I healed. 

My mantra many years ago, and I still use it today, was "the only person responsible for my happiness is me". A spin off of that has become true for me too. I remind myself that "I'm the only person responsible for my soul's growth and evolution". This statement keeps me going. It gives me strength. It empowers me because I can't lay blame at anyone's feet. I take responsibility for my actions. As I process and heal, I release the responsibility that others have given me. I take my own. I trust myself today more than I ever have. And I didn't start to build my own trust until nearly 20 years ago. I didn't trust myself at all before that. 

It has been a long journey. I'm still healing. But through my experiences, I've learned that when I'm hurting the most, I'm actually in the midst of healing. The pain, darkness, and tears have catapulted me to a healthier, happier life. 

I do what I do, and offer my services because if I can heal, if I can acknowledge the divine light within me, the little girl who was unloved by her own mother, than any of us can

Today I am so truly blessed to not only actively participate in my own healing, but I get to help guide others on their healing journey. The breakthroughs, epiphanies, and true changes that I have witnessed, to me, is nothing short of miraculous. There is no age limit to healing. Anytime someone decides to heal and evolve, at any age, is a great time. 

From my heart to yours: You got this!