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Suggestions for Healing

Here are some suggestions of how you can begin or enhance your journey today:

Guided Meditation. Many people have shared with me how difficult it is to quiet their minds. Some of us may even imagine a monk sitting on top of a mountain for hours, completely still and with "no mind". This level of meditation is wonderful, but not necessary to attain a more peaceful state of being. Start with guided meditation. I offer free meditations on my YouTube Channel, Soulspirational Wellness or on the Video/Meditation tab to the left. 

Classes. Join a local group (like Meetup) for classes or join the millions who are taking online classes from the comfort of their home. If you have social anxiety, or a schedule that is restricting, online classes may be the answer for you. If there's something that speaks to your soul, find a class on the subject. Maybe it's reiki, meditation, or cooking. Taking action expedites your healing and growth. You can find my Meetup group with a list of my local classes and events at Soulspirational Wellness or register for my online classes on Learn It Live. 

Spiritual Support Group. I have watched some absolutely amazing transformations happen as a result of our spiritual support group, called Soulful Sundays. Our members are loving, open, and compassionate. You can find groups like mine on Meetup, online, or in your local paper. Watch our online classes too.

Schedule an Appointment. If you're interested in any of my services, you can call or text me at 330-289-2141 or email me. Some of my services can be done via Zoom or over the phone.

Books and Research. Go to  your local library or search Amazon for spiritual and self help books. (I have a list of suggestions on the Books tab.) Once you have the them! This may sound like a silly statement but I'm guilty of not reading some books that I've purchased or borrowed from the library. If you don't read the book, it can't possibly help. You can also research different subjects online, and then implement what you've learned. Integrate the information into your life as it fits for you.

TV. Check your local TV station. There may be one like mine, Awakening with Soulspirational. Here, I offer information to help the viewer expand their knowledge and spiritual insights. I talk about subtle energy, reiki, and how to make changes, to name a few.

Spiritual Guidance or Coaching. Contact a licensed spiritual minister for guidance on your soul journey. This can be very helpful in knowing you're not alone. As a licensed minister, I help those who are just beginning to awaken and those that are still processing life as they continue to grow and evolve. Get the spiritual support you need. You can book an appointment with me at 330-289-2141 or email me at  Sessions can be conducted over the phone or in-person. 

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