Reiki Classes and Training

As a spiritual leader and experienced Reiki Master/Teacher, Tish offers a variety of certified and non-certified reiki classes and training.

Classes that accommodate your needs, budget, and time.

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Saturday, January 4, 2020.

Why take a reiki class?

It is wonderful for self-care and self-empowerment! There really are so many reasons to take reiki classes. Even by taking a beginner's class it will show you how to focus the energy for personal benefits. Taking a certified class shows you how to help yourself and others.


Enjoy the great many benefits of reiki: promotes healing and a sense of well-being, supports your immune system, and can help alleviate pain. Reiki can be used on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Take a reiki class to promote your healing, and use it to help others on their healing journey.

It's also a great way to strengthen your spiritual connection. Each time to you give reiki to yourself or others, you're reminded of the life force energy that runs through you. 

Why take a class with me? I'm passionate about you and your development; and I'm passionate about reiki. My classes are longer than most and you receive personalized, and continued, support.

Beginner's Reiki: Non-Certification Class

Beginner's Reiki is focused on self-healing. It is for the person who would like to learn about and use reiki privately. Many people want to learn how to use it without ever planning to charge for their services. This class opens you up to what reiki is and how you can use for yourself, family, and pets. You will NOT receive reiki certification since this class is constructed for self-care, and does not give detailed instruction on how to administer it to others. If you're looking for reiki certification, please see the Reiki 1 Certification classes below. 

Watch my video describing the Beginner's Reiki class. 

This class offers:

  • Reiki history

  • A special attunement

  • Hands-on instruction for self-treatment

  • Discussion on how to apply it for family, pets, crystals, and home cleansing

  • Reiki basics guidebook so you'll always have the information at your fingertips

Cost: $99    Class Time:  4 hours

Upcoming classes: TBA

Reiki 1 Certification Class: 1-Day Intensive

Reiki 1 Certification Class: 1-Day Intensive provides the information and instruction to achieve your reiki certification.

My classes not only offer reiki training, but you'll learn chakra analysis, balancing, and clearing. You'll also be trained in intuitive healing.


After taking this class, it's highly suggested that you practice daily self-care and attend reiki shares. 

Watch my video for information both of my Reiki 1 Certification classes. 

This class offers:

  • Reiki history

  • Reiki ethics

  • Reiki level 1 attunement

  • One traditional symbol that is used during sessions and for many other things, such as crystals, protecting your home, and much more!

  • Reiki for self-care

  • How to administer reiki to others

  • Chakra discussion

  • How to work with chakras during sessions (analysis, balancing, and clearing)

  • Discussion of how to cleanse, prepare, and protect your space

  • Client intake forms

  • Connecting and Grounding meditation

  • Reiki 1 manual

  • Reiki 1 Certification

  • and more!

Cost:  $200    Class Time: 7.5 hours (this includes a one hour lunch break) 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Upcoming classes:  Saturday, January 4, 2020 

Reiki 1 Certification Class:  2-Day Class

Reiki 1 Certification Class: 2-Day Class offers everything that the 1-day class offers, but we spend more time discussing the chakras and more time practicing hands-on treatments. This takes some of the intensity out of the 1-day intensive. 

Cost:  $175   Class Time:  4 hours a day, each day

Upcoming classes: TBA

Reiki 2 Certification Class

Reiki 2 Certification Class is a great way to expand upon your reiki skills and knowledge! With this class you'll learn how to send reiki distantly. This is great for emergency treatments when you are unable to physically be with your client, or would like to send it to a family member who lives out of town. 

This class offers:

  • Reiki level 2 attunement

  • Four symbols for further healing. These include two traditional and two non-traditional symbols.

  • Discussion on how you can use it for past and future life issues and events

  • Give a distant session in real time

  • Reiki 2 manual

  • Reiki 2 certification

Prerequisite:  Must be a certified Reiki 1 practitioner.

Cost:  $200.00    Class time:  6 1/2 hours (includes one hour lunch break)

Upcoming classes: Saturday, February 1, 2020

Deep Healing Class For Reiki 2 Practitioners

Learn how to use your reiki 2 skills to send healing to wounds of the past; including past lives. You'll also  learn how to send it ahead for future situations like a job interview, wedding, etc.

This is a great healing tool for reiki 2 practitioners. Experience deeper healing and expand your reiki knowledge!

Prerequisite: MUST be a certified Reiki 2 practitioner.

Bonus: If you received your reiki 2 certification through Soulspirational Wellness Center, you'll receive $10.00 off this class. 

Cost:  $40    Class Time: 3 hours


Upcoming class: TBA

Reiki ART/Master Teacher Training

If you've been called to learn how to attune others to Reiki and begin teaching this beautiful healing art, then this is a great class for you. I have combined two classes in a two-day course. You will learn Advanced Reiki Techniques along with Master/Teacher training.


This class offers:

  • Reiki Master attunement

  • Reiki ART with Master/Teacher manual

  • Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART)

  • Instruction on how to give sacred reiki attunements

  • Learn how to give healing attunements

  • Instruction on how to teach a class

  • A thumb drive with my Reiki I, II and ART/Master classes. This allows you to make the manual your own. It also makes it much easier when you're ready to start teaching.

  • Reiki Master certification

  • and so much more!



Prerequisite: MUST be a certified Reiki 2 practitioner. If you did not receive reiki training through us, you'll be required to submit a copy of your reiki 2 certificate prior to class.


Bonus: If you received your reiki II certification through us, you'll receive 10% off this Master/Teacher class! This will bring your rate to $585.

Cost:  $650    Class Time: 12 hours (This class is divided over 2 days. We'll spend approx. 6 hours each day, which includes a one hour lunch break.)

Upcoming class: TBA