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So many of us have gone through life with the emotional burdens that others have put on us. What does this mean? When you were a child, the actions of our caretakers directly affected us. This isn't to blame our parents because our life sucks or because we aren't happy. Most of our parents did the best they could. That doesn't mean, however, that we haven't been affected by them or other caretakers around us.


People are raised everyday in happy, loving families. There are some of us, however, that have been raised in dysfunctional and unhealthy homes. As a result, we may feel as though we aren't good enough or that we're constantly being judged. Some of us become a people-pleaser while others push people away. 

Some people may experience anxiety, others depression. There are those who put on weight to protect themselves from life. Some will turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain of their experiences. Some will stay inside, not wanting to get out from under the covers so they don't have to face life. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If you weren't shown love or trust, or if these were skewed, than it's hard to trust and love others; let alone yourself. I'm here, through compassionate spiritual guidance, to show you that you can learn to love. You can learn to trust. And when you do, amazing things happen. You learn healthy boundaries. You learn how to start taking care of yourself. You recognize how your past is directly affecting you today and how you can release much of it. 

Drop the baggage you've been carrying!

Your emotional baggage may be blocking your view

Imagine someone coming up to you, asking to put your arms out, and then they place a heavy bag in your arms. They don't even say thank you before they walk away. As an adult, you can choose to set the bag down and walk away.

Now imagine someone doing that to a child. The child doesn't know what's in the bag, but they continue to hold it because they don't know that they're allowed to drop it. They may even be afraid to ask the adult why they're holding it. They continue holding the bag and learn to live with it and adjust to it.


Imagine if the same person or someone else placed another bag on top of that one. And then someone else places another one. Before long, there are so many bags in the child's arms that they can barely see life in front of them.

But it doesn't stop there. A teacher, a sibling, a classmate, etc. hangs their bags on the child's shoulders and maybe even around the child's neck - because that space is available. Some people may even wrap their bags around the child's legs or feet. 

As the child grows, he or she continues to adjust to the baggage. They learn to walk with it. They learn to move with it all. They experience life through their obstructed view because of all the bags they're carrying. In fact, they've been carrying these bags for so long, they think they own them. They think these bags are theirs!

It's no wonder so many of us, as adults, feel weighted down in life. Our burdens seem too heavy at times to bear. We may feel fearful, anxious, or depressed. Some have told me they don't know why they feel this way. On the surface their lives seems fine, normal, but underneath, they're in pain. They don't want to get up and walk through life.  

Part of the weight holding you down may very well be the emotional baggage of others that you've been carrying for years. I work with you, in a safe space, to look into those bags and to examine the contents. When you examine a bag, you may hear the voice or see the person who gave you the bag. Realizing this today, what would you do with those bags? Of course, you'd drop them!

I'll loving, compassionately, and without judgment help you go back in time to examine and release those bags - one at a time. In that moment, people finally feel the true weight of each bag they've been carrying before they remove it. 

Which bag of yours carries the weight of the words "You're not good enough" in it? Which bag carries the emotions of "I'll never be here for you so you'll have to take care of yourself"? Which bag and whose was it that carries the weight of "I'm miserable so you will be too"? What about the bag that says, "Hey kid, I can't deal with my own life, so I'm going to put my misery into words or beatings and give you my emotional baggage to carry forever"?

It can truly be life changing when we take time to look into the bags we've been carrying. Most of us have become so accustomed to carrying them that we barely see them or acknowledge them; even though they are weighing us down every day.

Once we start to release those bags, not only do we feel lighter but we realize just how strong we are. The more we release the weight that others put on us, the easier it becomes to carry our own load.

Release those bags! Start seeing life from a unobstructed view!

Soul Guide Tish helping others navigate thier soul.

How I Can Help You

I will help you navigate the trials of life. I will do so without religious dogma or guilt. I honor you for where you are right now, today. There are no judgments. I will help you release what no longer serves you. I will help you take the steps in life that will lift you up and carry you forward.

I will be in your corner, working with you and encouraging you to embrace life. You'll start feeling results after the first session. A healthier you can place healthier boundaries. A healthier you can attract healthier people into your life. A healthier you will attract all kinds of healthier things into your life. 

Energetic Wellness Coaching are one-hour long sessions. Sometimes, one session is all that is needed. This tends to be for those who have been stuck in life in some way or another and one session offering clear insight is all they need to push through.

For most issues, though, subsequent sessions will be necessary to get the full benefit of coaching. When we are dealing with the energetic blocks or weight of abandonment issues, for example, rarely will one session be enough to get our footing into knowing we can never truly be abandoned. Generally, coaching sessions are suggested every two weeks, but appointments can be adjusted according to one's budget and, most importantly, according to one's healing adjustment. Healing takes time. As we heal, we need time to process and adjust to a new way of thinking or feeling. 

Coaching sessions may be done in person or via Zoom. Though the sessions are mostly discussion oritented, they may alsoo include one or more of the following, depending on your needs and comfort:


  • chakra analysis and healing

  • affirmation creation and use for optimal benefit

  • emotional release technique

  • shifted perspective for clearer insights and understanding

  • guided meditations 

  • reiki (energy healing and movement)


For a list of my services, please click here.

There are many ways to heal. Whether you choose to work with me, someone else, or on your own, please trust in yourself to take the first step. The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin releasing the emotional weight that is holding you back from a healthier, happier life. 


What Are My Credentials?

First and foremost, my own life experiences. I've been through a lot. I have healed and released much of the past emotional baggage that held me down. I genuinely know what it's like to go through the healing process and come out the other side, one bag at a time. 

Besides my own experiences, I am a licensed spiritual minister in the state of Ohio. I am an experienced, qualified, and certified Reiki master practitioner and teacher. I have witnessed incredible changes and ah-ha moments during sessions. I also love teaching others the beautiful, life-changing healing art of reiki. Knowing that every student can use it for their benefit, to help them heal, is exciting. Heal yourself, heal the world! Then we can live in a world of wellness! 

I have a bachelor's degree in metaphysics. What does that mean? I have studied for and obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of Metaphysics. Studies included a variety of subjects, such as various forms of meditation and connecting with the Christ Consciousness. 


Besides teaching reiki, I also teach things like what chakras are and how to use them for healing. I teach others about meditation and mindfulness and how each benefit the other. I teach people how to develop their psychic abilities (as we're all born with them). For those interested, I teach people how to read tarot cards for their soul's growth and evolution. I also teach people how to feel into their subtle energy for their own healing.

In short, I am a Soul Guide. I help people navigate the energy and life experiences of their soul. I'll guide you to go inward - to your True, Higher Self.

*Rev. Latricia (Tish) Niedzwiecki as an individual, or as part of Soulspirational Wellness Center and/or Soul Guide Tish, does not claim to cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose any illness, disease or ailment. She is not a licensed physician nor a mental health provider. She is a licensed spiritual minister and all sessions and classes are based on energy healing, spiritual healing, and personal spiritual healing experience. 

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