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Sonn Su Reiki Healing


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In traditional reiki, the practitioner will place their hands on or just above the body. Typically, sessions are quiet while the practitioner allows reiki to flow. This is a beautiful practice. However, I've noticed much greater benefits when I engage with my clients.


In Sonn Su Reiki, I don't just work on my clients, I work WITH them.


Reiki practitioners are guides and conduits, we are not healers, you are. This is where self-empowerment comes in. We can't force or magically make healing occur. Healing happens as you are ready for it. It's between you and your higher power. 

Healing may happen on any level: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. It's wonderful to use in conjunction with traditional medicine.

In session, I'll intuitively guide you through the process. This often includes imagery or breathwork. As you become consciously aware of what's going on energetically in your physical body, I can better help guide you towards healing. As a result, you can take what you've learned in session and use it at home for continued healing. 

When you experience self-healing, it encourages you to keep going. This is the beauty of Sonn Su Reiki - you are empowered. It's not about me as the practitioner, it's about you as the one with the dominion over your own body. Having an experienced guide is very important. I guide; you heal.

Not all ailments can be healed, and I make no claim to do so. Sometimes, healing is a matter of clarity, understanding, and peace.

RATES: Sonn Su Reiki sessions are $125 and includes a 15 minute consultation before session, 60 minutes on the table, and 15 minutes for post session discussion. Plan on being at the studio for 1.5 - 2.0 hours.

Sessions may be done in-person, via Zoom, or over the phone.

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Release the emotional weight that others have left you holding.

Imagine someone coming up to you, asking to put your arms out, and then they place a heavy bag in your arms. They don't even say thank you before they walk away. As an adult, you can choose to set the bag down and walk away.

Now imagine someone doing that to a child. The child doesn't know what's in the bag, but they continue to hold it because they don't know that they're allowed to drop it. They may even be afraid to ask the adult why they're holding it. They continue holding the bag and learn to live with it and adjust to it.


Imagine if the same person or someone else placed another bag on top of that one. And then someone else places another one. Before long, there are so many bags in the child's arms that they can barely see life in front of them.

But it doesn't stop there. A teacher, a sibling, a classmate, etc. hangs their bags on the child's shoulders and maybe even around the child's neck - because that space is available. Some people may even wrap their bags around the child's legs or feet. 

As the child grows, he or she continues to adjust to the baggage. They learn to walk with it. They learn to move with it all. They experience life through their obstructed view because of all the bags they're carrying. In fact, they've been carrying these bags for so long, they think they own them. They think these bags are theirs!

It's no wonder so many of us, as adults, feel weighed down in life. Our burdens seem too heavy at times to bear. We may feel fearful, anxious, or depressed. Some have told me they don't know why they feel this way. On the surface their lives seems fine, normal. But underneath, they're in pain. They don't want to get up and walk through life.  

Part of the weight holding you down may very well be the emotional baggage of others that you've been carrying for years. Sonn Su Reiki with Tish offers you a safe space to look into those bags and to examine the contents. When you examine a bag, you may hear the voice or see the person who gave you the bag. Realizing this today, what would you do with those bags? Of course, you'd drop them!

In Sonn Su Reiki, we loving and compassionately go back in time to examine and release those bags - one at a time. In that moment, people finally feel the true weight of each bag they've been carrying before they remove it. Tish uses Intuitive and Reiki healing to help process those emotions and to help your mind, body, and spirit readjust to the lighter load. 

Which bag of yours carries the weight of the words "You're not good enough" in it? Which bag carries the emotions of "I'll never be here for you so you'll have to take care of yourself"? Which bag and whose was it that carries the weight of "I'm miserable so you will be too"? What about the bag that says, "Hey kid, I can't deal with my own life, so I'm going to put my misery into words, or worse, and give you my emotional baggage to carry forever"? Parents, nor anyone, rarely does these things purposefully. Often, hurt people hurt people. But when we know what's ours and what isn't, we can begin the releasing process.

It can truly be life changing when we take time to look into the bags we've been carrying. Most of us have become so accustomed to carrying them that we barely see them or acknowledge them; even though they are weighing us down every day.

Once we start to release those bags, not only do we feel lighter but we realize just how strong we are. The more we release the weight that others put on us, the easier it becomes to carry our own load.

This is how Sonn Su can help you.

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