Services are offered in my Wadsworth, OH studio.

Most services can also be done online. If you'd like an online session, please contact me directly.

Sonn Su Reiki Healing, Sound Healing with Reiki, Customized Reiki Treatments,

Chakra Analysis and HealingAffirmation Placement,

Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings

Sonn Su Reiki Healing

Sonn Su Reiki is a beautiful combination of Reiki and other healing modalities. Because of its expansiveness, it can take you deeper into an issue for resolution, or bring you incredible insight and clarity. 


This unique style often gets to the root issue so it can be addressed and healing can begin. You only work on what you're ready to. We take things at your own pace.

Do you feel undeserving of love, prosperity, health? Why? Most of us can answer the 'why' on a surface level but have not journeyed into the underlying cause. It may be because we're afraid of what we'll find if we start seeking. Shining light on these areas can be liberating and empowering. 

You may find that you've dealt with an issue mentally, but somehow it still seems to be with you. It may feel like you've pushed it away or to the back of your mind somewhere, but it still hurts when you think about it. It may be because you haven't addressed it spiritually so you can release it from the soul. You've healed on one level, but not another. Sonn Su helps release that unwanted energy. The more unwanted energy that is released, the lighter you'll feel. And, the more you'll be able to see or feel your own internal, divine light too! 

Clients have used Sonn Su Reiki to dig deep and find their internal strength while they're going through a breakup or divorce. They have used it to help set their goals and intentions; whether for love, finances, career, etc. It's a great way to bring about self-awareness and empowerment. 


​Sonn Su Reiki may combine all or some of:​

  • Reiki

  • Intuitive healing

  • Past, Early, and/or Present Life Emotional Release

  • Soul Piece Reintegration

  • Visualizations 

  • Breath work

  • Affirmation/mantra placement


This is a very empowering form of healing. After the session, you'll feel some of the weight lifted of the emotional and spiritual baggage you've carried for years. With a lifetime of unwanted energy accumulation, it takes repeated sessions to continue to clear and release; though you likely feel lighter with just one session.  

For more detailed information, please visit our Sonn Su page.

Rate: $100.00 per 60 min session


Reiki with Crystal Healing


Add the power of crystal healing to your Reiki session. Your treatment will include 7 crystals/stones - one for each chakra - to help you clear, balance, and energize your chakras. The set will be yours to take home after the session.

Rate: $125 per 60 min session




Reiki and a Reading


Book your private Reiki session with a tarot reading today. 

Start with a Sonn Su Reiki session followed by a tarot or oracle card reading. Tish will pull a few cards to give you insight on your healing or spiritual journey.


Experience this wonderful combined session with Tish.


Rate: $125.00 per 60 min session 

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Sound Healing with Reiki

Such a beautiful pair: Sound Healing and Reiki. With a specific goal in mind, such as relief from stress, anxiety, etc., the client will lie on the reiki table. While using provided headphones, the client will listen to sound healing music during the session. The music is a beautiful mix of binaural beats and Solfeggio tones. While the client listens, they will also receive reiki directly focused on their specific goals. 


Rate: $100 per 60 min session 

Customized Reiki Treatments

In my experience, people come in for a myriad of reasons: knee pain, back pain, and other physical pains. Some come in for energy balancing, energy rejuvenation, or to feel more calm and release stress. Knowing that when things are unresolved mentally or emotionally they can manifest into physical pain or energy imbalance, it's no wonder they seek a Reiki session.

Others come in to help aid in their conventional medical treatment they're receiving. They may be undergoing chemotherapy, for example, or trying to get well from a viral infection. Knowing this, I create specialized sessions for my clients. I spend hours researching the health issue and create a Reiki plan based on your specific needs. I do so because I care. 


Here are a couple examples: 

Adrenal Reiki Session

Chronic stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, among other things. Adrenal fatigue can cause mild depression, lack of energy, and insomnia. 

It is believed life force energy is stored in the kidneys. 

The kidneys help filter out the energy of the people and situations in our lives. Stored up, unwanted energy in your kidneys may be blocking your life force energy. 


Book your Adrenal Reiki session today!

Current Rate: $100 for your personalized 60 min session.


Immune Builder Reiki Session

If you're going through hard times and you know your immune system is lacking, try an Immune Builder Reiki session. Sessions can be tailor-made to your specific needs. Try it if you've been under the weather, undergoing or recovering from surgery, or just feel like you need a boost.

Current Rate: $100 for your personalized 60-90 session. 


Reiki for Fibromyalgia 

If you have fibromyalgia, you know the pain involved. During your private session, Tish will work on the Tender Points associated with fibromyalgia and all over healing. We'll discuss and work on your specific painful areas to help bring you comfort. 

Current Rate: $100 for your personalized 60 min session.



Reiki for IBS

IBS often says there is an imbalance in life. Sometimes life has us so bound that nothing moves. Other times things seem to keep flowing out of our control. There may be things you're afraid to let go of and your gut is feeling it. Try Reiki for IBS and get your energy body back in balance.

Current Rate: $100 for your personalized 60 min session. 


Tailor-Made Reiki Session

Have Tish create a tailor-made session for you and your specific health needs. Your entire session will be focused on your health and wellness, to work in combination with your conventional medical treatment. We are more than just a physical body. Honor your spiritual and energy body too.

Tish will need at least a week's notice to research and prepare for your customized session. You can book online, call, or email her what your specific needs are.

Current Rate:  $140 per 60 min session. (Includes research and preparation.)

Distant Reiki Treatments

Standard Reiki


Did you know that reiki can be sent distantly, or remotely? I know this is a strange concept for people. It was for me, too, when I was learning about reiki. However, when I tried it out, I was amazed at the response of those I sent it to. Honestly, it still excites me. And I love teaching this level!

A Reiki session can help relieve stress, promotes healing, and brings an all-over feeling of wellness.

Reiki energy can be applied for specific reasons such as knee pain, back pain, headaches, etc. It can also be applied to help reduce stress, help in boosting the immune system, and for better energy flow, to name a few. The body can heal better when our energy is calm and relaxed. 

Release what no longer serves you. Open your energy body for better flow and state of being.

Reiki is also great to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.


Do you have an upcoming surgery? Reiki helps prepare you for surgery, and helps the healing process afterwards.


Each reiki session includes chakra analysis, balancing, and healing. 

If you would like a session but you're physically unable to get here due to health or distance, you can still receive the benefits of reiki by Tish. 

Bookings require a 48-hour notice. If you require an emergency session, please call Tish directly.  


​​If you'd like more information on what Reiki is, see our Reiki page here.

Rate: $80.00 per 45 - 60 minute session. Price includes follow-up email or phone conversation detailing what I experienced in your energy, and tips of how you can continue your healing at home.

NOTE: Often, people will choose to have Reiki sent when they are going to bed. If you would like an after-hour session, please contact Tish directly for availability and scheduling.

Soul Cleanse
Cleanse and release what no longer serves you

You may be wondering what a soul cleanse is. Let me explain.

When things happen to us, the energy of those experiences stay with us; be they pain, sorrow, joy, love, etc. The heavier energies such as pain, sorrow, grief, rejection, etc. can weigh down the soul and block our light. 

I like to use this analogy to explain: Think of a furnace and its filter. Over time, the filter will get clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. If we were to pull the filter out and remove even just a bit of that stuff and put the filter back into the furnace, it'll get more airflow and run a bit more efficiently. Each time you cleanse your soul, you are removing energies that may be clogging your soul and blocking your light. Get it out of there!

During a Soul Cleanse, Tish will work with you about which experiences you're ready to release. She'll guide you on how to locate it within the soul so it can be released. After a Soul Cleanse, many people feel much lighter. Once you release that heavy energy, you may feel closer to the light within you. Others may even notice that light! 


Rate: $100.00 per 60 min session

Finally Heal It and Lose It!
Emotional Release Healing with Soul Retrieval

Drop the emotional weight that you've been carrying with you for years!

Can you recall an unpleasant situation 10, 20, 30 years ago and it feels like it just happened yesterday? Are you ready to heal it?

When things happen to us on the mental and emotional levels, they have a way of manifesting physically. This can take a toll on the body. When we take time to feel deeper into the situation, we can located where the energy resides within us and begin releasing it.

We may be reacting to today's issues with yesterday's pains.

During your private session, I'll share with you a process that I have used, and continue to use, for my own healing journey. It feels great to be able to talk about a past situation without the emotional weight of it.

You'll learn how to locate where you are storing the energy in your body. I'll guide you on how to go back to reclaim your power and offer the love and compassion that you may have needed back then. And I'll show you how to begin the process of removing the energy so you don't have to continue carrying it.

Finally, I'll show you how to reclaim that piece of you that was left behind all those years ago. This last part, the soul retrieval, often makes one feel more grounded and whole. Heal the wounds of the past and take back the pieces of you!

Bring your journal with you. I have notepads here if you don't have one. Once you experience this in session, you'll be able to use it at home for other situations that you may choose to heal with this technique.

Talk therapy can do wonders. With the right therapist, we can move through a lot of issues. Talk therapy, however, usually doesn't involve releasing the energy of the issue from the soul, or energy body. So, we may have dealt with an issue intellectually but not soulfully. Your private session will help you to do so.

Change the energy of the experience, release it, and feel the liberation!



Rate: $180.00 per 2-hour session

Chakra Tune-up
Opening, Healing, and Balancing

The word "chakra" comes from ancient Sanskrit and means "wheel of light". There are seven main chakras in our energy body, each representing different aspects of our being. 


Closed, unbalanced, or blocked chakras affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically. The emotions of life experiences get stored here, become stagnant, and affect us physically.

Each private session includes the seven main chakras, but can include the many secondary chakras too.

Depending on your specific needs, this service may also include sound healing with tuning forks. 


Having your chakras analyzed gives great insight and clarity to what you're holding onto. Begin the process of releasing this energy for your highest good. Align your energy today!


Rate: $50 per 40 minute session

Watch the video of me giving my daughter a chakra tune-up. 

Soul Retrieval
Take back the pieces of you

It has been said that when we experience a traumatic event, a piece of our soul gets left behind. This can cause some people to feel less than whole. Some of us, consciously and subconsciously, still grieve and mourn those pieces we've left behind.


In the quiet, safe place of our private wellness room, Tish will help you begin the healing process of that experience. She'll help you reintegrate that piece you've left behind all those years ago.


This can be a very healing and empowering tool on your spiritual journey to wellbeing.


Rate: $100 for 60 min session. Please contact Tish directly to schedule your appointment.

Affirmation Placement

Have your affirmations felt like mere words instead of inspiration?

Many of us use affirmations to keep us focused on what we're manifesting or how we'd like our lives to be. Unfortunately, if we're just saying the words, oftentimes we're not creating change.

With Affirmation Placement, I'll work with you to find the right affirmation for you. You'll learn how to bring the affirmation into your mind, body, and soul, and then to root it into the earth.

As you bring the affirmation into your being, you'll find out where your blockages are. From here you can begin the process of truly opening up to receive. This process takes you below the surface. It can open up true, and deeper healing too.

Rate: $100.00 per 6 min session. Please contact Tish directly to schedule your appointment. 

Reiki Mentoring/Coaching
Learn Deeper

Are you a Reiki practitioner looking for help and insight navigating your new journey?

Taking a reiki class is wonderful and is a tool you can use for life. It's also a great way to help others on their healing journey. However, no reiki class can teach you all the nuances. No reiki class can prepare you for the different clients and their specific needs. Many don't even discuss how you can advertise your services.

As a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, you will be working with an experienced and knowledgeable mentor and coach. I'll help you navigate your new journey as a reiki professional. Your success is success for the world. The more you help others, they'll share that with those around them. Let's make it a brighter world together!

(For students of Soulspirational Wellness Center) Reiki Mentoring/Coaching Session: 60 min for $65.00

Must have taken at least one reiki certification class through Soulspirational Wellness Center for the discount.

(For non-students) Reiki Mentoring/Coaching Session: 60 minutes for $100.

Please contact Tish directly to schedule your appointment. 

Spiritual Consultation

If you're looking for help navigating your spiritual awakening, or if you'd like spiritual guidance for issues you face in life, schedule an appointment today. A session may bring about a shifted perspective to bring about more clarity and help you move forward.

Rate: $100.00 per 60 min session

Kids Rate: $75 per 60 min session

Please contact Tish directly to schedule your appointment. 

Bring! It! On!
healing, wellness, reiki, past life regression, joy, happiness

Surrender up what's holding you back.

Bring it on! (the good stuff)

Open yourself to receive.

Bring it in and down into your body: the joy, love, and excitement from that which you wish to receive. 

Alllow the energy to settle into your being.

See our Bring it on! technique in our blog or on video.

*Rev. Latricia (Tish) Niedzwiecki as an individual, or as part of Soulspirational Wellness Center, does not claim to cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose any illness, disease or ailment. She is not a licensed physician nor a mental health provider, she is a licensed spiritual minister and certified Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. All sessions and classes are based on energy healing, spiritual healing, and her own personal spiritual healing experience.