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Services are offered in my Wadsworth, OH studio.
Most services can also be done via Zoom or over the phone.
If you'd like an online session or an appointment outside of my business hours, please contact me directly.

Sonn Su Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing Studio

Sonn Su is not traditional reiki. Sonn Su takes you deeper into your energy for greater benefits of healing. Experience this wonderful form of reiki today!

For more details about Sonn Su Reiki, click here.


RATE: Sonn Su Reiki sessions are $125


In-person sessions include a 15-minute consultation before session so we can get clear about your goals. You'll spend 60 minutes on the table for the session, and 15 minutes for post-session discussion. Plan on being at the studio (or online) for 1.5 - 2.0 hours.


Reiki can also be done via Zoom, or over the phone.


  • Tarot/oracle reading: Add a 15-minute card reading before or after your session. Additional $25 to Sonn Su Reiki

  • Chakra Crystal healing: You'll receive a set of 7 chakra stones that'll be used during your session that will be yours to keep. Additional $30 to Sonn Su Reiki

Customized Reiki Treatments

I create specialized sessions for my clients' health needs, such as specific types of cancer and neurological disorders. I spend hours researching your specific health issue and create a Reiki plan accordingly. 

I will need at least a week's notice to research and prepare for your customized session. Once you book online, I will contact you to find out what your specific health needs are. You're also welcome to call, text, or email me to discuss before you book. 

Rate:  $175 includes research and preparation before your session. Upon arrival for your appointment, you'll receive 60 minutes of customized Sonn Su Reiki, 15-minute consultation before your session, and 15-minute post-session discussion. 

Distant Reiki Treatments

If you would like a session but you're physically unable to get here due to health or distance, you can still receive the benefits of reiki. Reiki can be sent via Zoom, over the phone, or while you're sleeping.


Bookings require a 48-hour notice


​​For more information on distant/remote reiki, please click here.

Rate: $125.00 per session

NOTE: If you'd like reiki sent while you're sleeping, please contact me directly to set up a time.

Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)
Relax and de-stress with our VAT mat
Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

Imagine lying on a comfortable, padded table, headphones on, eyes closed, and listening to beautiful music. Only, this table is fitted with four transducers that emit sound waves into your body. It's like a deep-tissue, low-frequency sound massage. It is so relaxing. It's something that has to be experienced to truly appreciate. 

Vibroacoustic Therapy is great for the mind, body, and soul. If you've been on a spiritual healing journey, you have to try it out!


For more information, please visit our Sound Therapy page.


Initial Consultation with 30-min Vibroacoustic Therapy session: $100

If you'd like help exploring the right frequency for your healing or spiritual needs, when you use the Booking link, please click "Vibroacoustic Therapy, Consultation and 30-min Session". 

After the initial consultation and session, 30-minute sessions are $30 each (for established clients). This is great for your self-care needs. 

Vibroacoustic Therapy Session: $50 for a 30-minute session.

I'll choose the frequency for you; or if you're already listening to binaural beats on YouTube, for example, you can share the video with me and we'll sync it up with the VAT table. 

Chakra Analysis and Tune-up

Align your energy today!


Rate: $125 per 90 minute session. This includes 60 minutes of Chakra work, 15 minute consultation before your session, and 15 minutes of post-session discussion. 

Spiritual Consultation

If you're looking for help navigating your spiritual awakening, or if you'd like spiritual guidance for issues you face in life, schedule an appointment today. A session may bring about a shifted perspective to bring about more clarity and help you move forward.

Rate: $100.00 per 60 min session

Kids Rate: $75 per 60 min session (For kids, please contact Tish directly. Not bookable online.)

Tarot/Oracle and Psychic Medium Readings

Whether you're looking for insight and guidance, or want to connect with a passed loved one, I'd be honored to read for you.

Rate: $50 for 30 minutes, $100.00 per 60 minutes (Psychic medium readings are 1 hour sessions)

For sessions that exceed the 60 minutes, there will be an additional fee of $25 per 15 minutes. 

Soul Cleanse

During a Soul Cleanse, I'll work with you about which experiences you're ready to release. I'll guide you on how to locate it within the soul so it can be released. After a Soul Cleanse, many people feel much lighter. Once you release that heavy energy, you may feel closer to the light within you. 


Rate: $125.00 per 90 min session. This includes 60 minutes of energy work, 15 minute consultation before your session, and 15 minute post-session discussion. 

Reiki Mentoring/Coaching

Are you a Reiki practitioner looking for help and insight navigating your new journey?

Taking a reiki class is wonderful and is a tool you can use for life. It's also a great way to help others on their healing journey. However, no reiki class can teach you all the nuances. No reiki class can prepare you for the different clients and their specific needs. Many don't even discuss how you can advertise your services.

As a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, you will be working with an experienced and knowledgeable mentor and coach. I'll help you navigate your new journey as a reiki professional. 

(For students of Soulspirational Wellness Center) Reiki Mentoring/Coaching Session: 60 min for $100.00. 

For sessions that exceed the 60 minutes, there will be an additional fee of $25 per 15 minutes. 

Must have taken at least one reiki certification class through Soulspirational Wellness Center for the discount.

(For non-Soulspirational students) Reiki Mentoring/Coaching Session: 60 minutes for $150.

For sessions that exceed the 60 minutes, there will be an additional fee of $25 per 15 minutes. 

Please call or text Tish directly to schedule appointment.

Bring! It! On!

Surrender up what's holding you back.
Bring it on! (the good stuff)
Open yourself to receive.
Bring it in and down into your body: the joy, love, and excitement from that which you wish to receive. 
Allow the energy to settle into your being.

*Rev. Latricia (Tish) Niedzwiecki as an individual, or as part of Soulspirational Wellness Center, does not claim to cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose any illness, disease or ailment. She is not a licensed physician nor a mental health provider, she is a licensed spiritual minister and certified Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. All sessions and classes are based on energy healing, spiritual healing, and her own personal spiritual healing experience. 

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