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Videos - Meditations and Tips

Welcome to our Videos page, where we offer you a curated selection of insightful content designed to inspire, heal, and uplift your spirit. Dive into a world of more than 120 videos on YouTube, spanning a diverse spectrum of topics, including powerful Reiki tips, transformative healing guidance, thought-provoking philosophy, and soothing meditations. Our carefully chosen collection, below, is just a glimpse of the wisdom and positivity awaiting you. Explore, learn, and embark on a journey of self-discovery through our videos.
Your path to healing and enlightenment begins here.

Not only do you have access to more than 120 videos on my YouTube channel, I invite you to visit our sister channel, SVORA. There you'll find more helpful videos of meditation. They also have videos where you can watch, open up and receive reiki. 

Brought home a couple awards from the 2018 WCTV Clapper Awards

Voted "Host with the Most" by WCTV in 2018

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