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Here is some of what others have said about Soulspirational Wellness and Tish.

"I came to Soulspirational Wellness Center as a bit of a skeptic. I had never heard of the word "Reiki" and no idea what it potentially was. What I found after my 1st Reiki session I was floored by the sense pf peace and balance that I felt. For me, it was as if one 45 minute session was as powerful as months of self examination/inventory with a pencil and paper. Tish knows her stuff, as I have been back for several of her classes. We are privileged to have such a potent alternative for healing, that the western culture is lacking."

"I just had a Sonn Su Reiki session with Tish, first time and I highly recommend it! It was so amazing and beneficial."

"So thankful I found this place! The energy here is incredible and we do great things there!"

"Tish is an extremely gifted psychic teacher and a beautiful soul. I've learned so much from her! She has confidence in her students' abilities, and she lovingly encourages us to have confidence in ourselves."

"Words can't express how highly I think of Tish and the Soulspirational Wellness Center. Such knowledgeable, caring, compassionate people you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere."

"I have been to Reiki Level I and II training with Tish. I found it extremely valuable and life changing. I have done a couple reiki shares and followed up with Tish during my journey after training and she has been so supportive and inspirational!!!"

"What a wonderful place to be. Tish is amazing and all of the classes and workshops she offers are so enlightening and inspiring. I feel as though I have met my soul family. The love here is just so abundant and the space is so warm and welcoming. Just wonderful."

"Enjoyed the group so much! Going to Soulspirational feels like visiting an old friend or the best kind of family! Genuine, down to earth, caring people. Group facilitated by Tish, who creates a welcoming, safe, fun and interesting learning and sharing environment!!"

Excellent Experience

"I recently visited Tish at Soulspirational Wellness and I couldn’t be happier with how it went. Tish is genuine, beautiful, knowledgeable, warm, kind, and generally just an awesome human. :-) 

I had a wonderful Reiki session which I would highly recommend to anyone. She zeroed in very quickly on some issues I’ve been facing and gave me some advice on what areas I should focus on to help overcome them. We also discussed mindfulness and meditation in general and she shared lots of valuable information with me that I plan on incorporating into my practice. I left feeling great and inspired to continue my journey into mindfulness, meditation, and working with energy and chakras.

Thank you Tish! You’re the best!"

“Tish has created a peaceful, loving atmosphere in which to share her knowledge, her skills, and her loving energy. The light and love pouring from her soul is glorious, and she is extraordinarily generous with her time and remarkable talent. I love the thoroughness of Tish’s classes and the way she combines her many areas of expertise into a rich experience. I look forward eagerly to each visit with Tish, whether it be a class, a Reiki share, or meditation!"

“Tish is an amazing teacher to learn from! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about Reiki and everything wonderful that comes along with this practice! Her personality is so wonderful to be around as she is open, honest, and compassionate. I have enjoyed learning Reiki I from her as well as attending the positive energy, intention, and prayer night. Thank You Tish!! Look forward to working more with you."

"Every class and every private session has been a true blessing! Tish gently guides, never assumes, and is very professional and respectful. Her space is beautiful and serene. I’ve referred many people to her both as private clients and as students for her classes. I encourage you to do the same. You’ll be glad you did!"

"Going to Soulspirational Wellness Center has been a cornerstone of my spiritual journey. As I was looking to expand a couple of years ago, I called several centers in search of learning more about Reiki and energy healing. From the moment I began talking to Tish on the phone, I knew there was a connection, and I didn’t have to “translate my soul”. Little did I know that what I thought was going to just be experiencing Reiki classes, became finding soul family. I thank the universe for people like Tish and those who frequent Soulspirational Wellness Center, as it has helped me not only understand myself more, but share in the light in a variety of ways to help others.

The classes offered by Tish have what not too many places offer...genuine passion, care, and authenticity for helping people grow. There is a broad spectrum of spiritual classes, from Reiki and energy work, to chakras, to psychic development, and on. There are even guided meditation sessions. If you are looking to find answers that your soul is hungry for, and you don’t know where to yourself a service and at least start here with a call to Tish. You have to take the first step, and let the universe guide you the rest of the way."

"I would like to tell everyone, that meeting Tish has been a life changer for me, and I will never take for granted how she has helped me in my journey. I have learned a great deal from her and will always seek out her knowledge and help. There is such a loving non judge mental place to come to, she greets you with joy, enthusiasm and the best hugs on the planet. I could go on for hours, but come find out for yourself."

"I love it! Tish is wonderful and the atmosphere and people she brings together make it a place you want to keep going back to."

"I must say this is the best place for anyone who is looking to find their true self. The compassion I have seen at the place is beyond belief. Everyone here is so filled with love and they truly care about you no matter the situation you find love compassion kindness and healing."

"Thanks again for a great class Tish! With each new class I take with you, you continue to remind me of all that I am capable of on this journey of life. I cannot wait to see where my journey goes next now that Reiki is part of my spiritual Arsenal. You are a terrific teacher and I'm so glad I decided to finally make Reiki a part of my life. Namaste"

First time experience at Soulspirational

"I randomly found this online, so this review is an honest opinion. Tish provided a peaceful, relaxing environment for the sessions. Her work space is refreshing and like a retreat center. She was very professional and radiated a life dedicated to healing and living in love. After my reiki session I felt the stress had melted off me and hope was restored. In the 4 days since my session things in my life have started to shift and move. I would highly recommend a reiki session with Tish!"

“Tish was my Reiki Master for Reiki I and Reiki II certification. What a fantastic experience filled with compassion, love, trust and talent. I would highly recommend Tish as your Reiki Teacher! I look forward to attending her Reiki shares."

“Tish has so many amazing gifts and talents. I always look forward to seeing her, as I always leave with so much more insight, and a feeling of lightness after having spent time with her. The classes she teaches are so cram packed with value, I am just thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend joining any of her gatherings. Amazing. amazing woman, amazing energy. ”

“Tish…you are an amazing Reiki teacher! I know that anyone can learn Reiki but YOU have a special gift. And I feel honored that you took time to share your gift with me. I feel as if I received more energy just being in the room with you! I would recommend anyone interested in taking Reiki class..take it from Tish!!! Looking forward to the next Reiki Share!! ”

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