Not only is it possible, it works.

Remote Reiki Healing 

What is Remote or Distant Reiki?

As a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, part of Reiki training is learning how to connect with the energy of others who are not in the same physical location. I know, it's a strange - if not woo woo - concept. As a student, I was skeptical myself, but curious. Through my experiences working with Remote/Distant Reiki, my skepticism abated as each client shared their experiences with me. And as a teacher of Reiki, it's my favorite level to teach. I love watching new students connect and receive validation in real time from the person they're sending it to. It's real and it works.

I have worked with clients from across the country, and a few outside it. Location should not keep us from receiving the help and guidance we're looking for, nor does it. And in these times of COVID, it's a safe alternative to in-person sessions. 

Does one have to believe in Reiki for it to work? No, but they do have to be open to it. This is not a new concept. If we're closed to anything, it's harder to receive. Same is true here. If you know we are all energy, that's really all it takes.


As a Reiki practitioner, I consciously connect with your energy. I also use my intuitive and empathic abilities to help guide me along your session. With your particular session goal in mind, I work my way through your chakras and energy body. There may be energetic blockages causing pain or impeding one's growth, for example. I use Reiki as a way to get that energy moving in a healthier way, or to release it entirely.

There are different ways by which you can receive Reiki. With today's technology, it can be done over the phone or via Zoom. It can also be done while you sleep.

  • Over the phone or via Zoom: In this case, it is more like an in-person session. I will be able to talk with you in real time. By doing so, I may guide you through breathwork, visualizations, etc., as I would for an in-person session. The only difference is you are not here physically. What you learn in session is something you can use on your own to continue with healing or stress-reduction. If you are interested in this session, you'll want to book a Sonn Su Reiki session. You can book through the link or you can call or text me to set up an appointment. Though I have specific business hours, I also offer non-business hours if you contact me directly. Rate is $125 for a 90-minute session, with a $25 surcharge for each additional 15 minutes, after 2 hours. For Zoom: Once your appointment is booked (through the link or by texting me), I will send you a Zoom link.

  • While you're sleeping or resting: In this case, there will be no verbal communication during your session. During the booking process, we'll set up a time that's best for you to receive and discuss your reiki goal. A reiki goal may be to sleep better, reduce stress, gain clarity, etc. I will consciously connect with your energy and with your goal in mind. I take notes as I go so I can share them with you later. Notes will explain which areas and chakras I worked on in depth, blockages, insights, etc. These notes may also include things such as chakra-specific guided meditations, affirmations, etc. Depending on when you receive, I will get the notes of the session to you within 24 hours, via email. Rate is $125 per session. 


To book, please click the blue button below. You'll be directed to my Square site where you can choose a service and schedule your appointment. For Reiki while you Sleep, or Reiki during non-business hours, please call or text me directly.

Here's a little distant Reiki Healing for immunity. 
Video produced by SVORA ONE WISDOM.