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Spiritual Home Cleanse and Belssing by Tish

Tarot by Tish

Tarot by Tish. Private and Party Rates
Tarot by Tish for weddings and events


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Private One-on-One Sessions

I love helping others gain insight and clarity to life's ups and downs. Sometimes we get confused about which direction to take. The cards can help bring clarity. Sometimes the cards can remind you of who you are and how you can move forward. They can bring comfort when going through hard times. My readings are not designed to tell you what to do; that would be dis-empowering. They're designed for clarity so you can empower yourself and the steps you take moving forward.

Tarot by Tish provides comfort, insight, and tools as you navigate life.


As an intuitive tarot reader, I combine my psychic abilities for deep, personalized readings. I connect with your energy for specific messages. These messages may include situations you're currently going through, they could be messages regarding your family, business, career, relationships, etc. Messages may even come from the dearly departed.

$50 for 30 minute session

$100 for 60 minute session

Private sessions can be done in person at the Center or over the phone.



Tarot Parties

Get a group of friends together for a tarot party and  I will come to you (depending on location). What a great way to spend the evening or afternoon!


During tarot parties, some of your guests may have specific questions; others may not know what to ask. By using my psychic abilities, I can help offer guidance on situations they weren't even thinking about asking.

My current rate is $100 per hour, plus travel costs. I'm available for 1 to 3 hours of tarot readings. You can treat your guests at themed parties, or split the cost among your friends. Please call for party details.  

Wow your guests with Tarot by Tish!

Love and Relationships

Career and Finances

Spiritual or Physical Health

Life Purpose

Guided Self-Tarot
tarot, psychic reading, medium reading

With Guided Self-Tarot, YOU pick the cards! Tish will offer you to use one of her decks. With each card you turn over, she will help guide you through your own reading. You will receive her help, guidance, and support each step of the way.


Why would you want to be guided to do your own reading? Because it allows you to begin mastering your own life and solutions!  Instead of getting the answers from her or someone else, you'll be shown how to feel into your own divine spirit for the answers. All answers lie within.

This is a unique approach to self-discovery and self-mastery! Book your appointment today!

60 min for $100.00 - Best results when done in-person


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Tish is a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader and has many years experience in reading tarot and oracle cards. Her personalized readings are offered with your best interest at heart.


Psychic Mediumship Readings by Tish

When Tish connects with a past loved one, they often bring messages of love, hope, and comfort.


If you'd like, Tish can also help you meet your Guides and Angels. Knowing who is walking with you can be exciting, insightful, and comforting. There may even be messages waiting for you!


You are never walking your journey alone; so schedule your appointment today and find out who is with walking with you!

60 min session for $100.00


Call Today 330-526-1992

These services are offered here at our Center or can be conducted over the phone.

Spiritual Home Cleanse and Blessing

Tarot readings, psychic readings, home blessing, house cleansing


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A cleansed and blessed home removes any energy left behind from past tenants, past arguments, traumas, or death.

A clean and blessed home creates a better environment for sleep, family harmony, rest, and lighter sense of being.

Home not selling? It could be the energy of your home.

Moving into a new home? Don't put your family in the energy of the past tenants. Buying a new home is a fresh start and new beginning. Start it off with cleansed and blessed energy!

As a spiritual minister and Reiki Master, Tish has the tools and experience to cleanse and bless your home.

$70.00 per hour + travel cost depending on your location