That Little Voice Inside

There are so many voices inside our heads. We sometimes hear our parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, bullies, etc. creating dialogue with us while we’re working, playing, or going about our daily lives. If nothing else sticks with you from this post, please let these words stick: those voices are not yours! Every time you hear their voices, you get to choose whether or not you want to give them power in your life. You can make them big and powerful or make them small and, eventually, go unnoticed.

You may also hear a voice that is not theirs, one that sounds like your voice. Have you heard yourself think or say “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy of this”, or “I’m just going to fail at this so why even bother to try”? These words may very well stem from the people throughout your lifetime. They may, however, be the words of your ego. The ego can be beneficial in certain times, but most of the time it tries to prevent us from moving forward, not allowing us to go outside of our comfort zone.

Human beings tend to stay in a place of unhappiness or discomfort because it’s what we know. It may even be a misery we know. We’re creatures of habit. When we think about making a change, it can be very frightening because we don’t know how change will affect our life. Maybe it’ll be worse than it is now. I don’t want to risk that or this. Years ago I read somewhere that people don’t change unless the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. I wish I knew who to contribute that saying to because it has proved to be true throughout my lifetime. But once I read it and embraced it, whenever I needed to make changes, I reminded myself that I CAN make changes before things get too out of hand. In fact, I’m the only one responsible for my happiness so I’m the only one who can truly make the changes necessary for my personal growth.

Then there is the little voice deep inside us that isn’t from those we’ve heard growing up. It isn’t the voice of our ego. No, it’s the voice of our True, Higher Self. It’s the voice that says “you got this”. It’s the voice that guides you towards love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment. It’s the voice that guides you to do the right thing without reward or acknowledgment. It’s the voice that is lovingly screaming inside you but gets drowned out from all the other chatter in your mind. So, this voice seems small, little, or insignificant. But this voice, if you take time to stop the chatter in your mind through meditation or mindfulness, for example, it will lead you to your True path. It’ll guide you to all the wonderful things – tangible and intangible – you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Be still. Listen to that voice. Rejoice in its love and commitment to You!

From SoulGuideTish post.

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