Developing Your Psychic Senses

Have you ever heard a psychic say they knew at a young age that they were “special”? Well, they’re right. They are special; in that each and every one of us are. I bet if you took a few minutes to think about your childhood and life up to now, you could probably think of at least one time where you just “knew” something. Maybe you even saw or heard something that wasn’t physically there.

I strongly believe that all of us have been gifted psychic senses from God/Source. What a beautiful gift to help us navigate our physical worlds.

Unfortunately, in our culture and society, many of us have been told that psychics are a fraud or that those gifts are dark and evil. Some people get really freaked out when a psychic is able to present information to them about a past loved one or something that’s coming into their lives. Others walk away grateful for the information and feel like the psychic is incredibly special to have such gifts.

I’m writing this article to plant a seed that you too have psychic gifts. Though, like our physical senses, the degree to how strong they are can vary. You may find that you have strong seeing abilities (clairvoyance) and lesser developed psychic hearing (clairaudience), for example.

In my psychic development classes, I’ve yet to have someone not feel or experience something that they couldn’t have known prior to class. Some of what we practice is feeling into the energy of other people and of personal items.

First, though, you must open your mind to the possibility that you too have these abilities. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you won’t. Shifting your senses isn’t easy, but it can be done. You may find, though, once you get started it becomes easier and easier.

If you’re concerned about the “dark” or “evil” side, don’t use your senses for dark or evil. If you plan on tapping into the spiritual world, you will want to set parameters and make sure you’re protected.

Why would you want to tap into and strengthen these skills? You can use these senses to help you make decisions in your own life. Tap into what it would be like to live in a certain city or town. Feel what the new person in your life may be bringing to you.

It’s also a great way to build self-trust. Many of us have self-trust issues. When we start relying on our own senses and guidance, we realize we can trust ourselves to make decisions that we may not have otherwise made. Many of us call a close friend or family member to ask for advice before we make decisions. You can certainly continue to do so, but when you strengthen your senses you may find that you’ll do less of it. After all, the answers we seek are within us.

Here’s a little something you can try. Psychometry is reading the history of an object. Ask a friend or family member if they have a piece of jewelry or small item that has a history. In other words, you'll want to feel into an object that carries energy. If your friend has a ring, for example, that their mother or grandmother wore, that ring will carry the energy of the person who wore it. Place the ring into your hand, take a couple deep breaths to clear your mind, and then state the intention of wanting to read the history of it. Be patient.

Scan your body and notice if you receive any sensations from the ring. Are you getting any visuals about this ring? You may see a year, a building, a person, etc. Listen carefully. Are you hearing anything? You may hear a year, a name, etc. It’s important to take note of all of these things. Many people will hear, see, or feel something right away but then quickly dismiss what they’re getting. It’s so foreign to us that we think we’re making stuff up.

Tell the person what messages you’re receiving. Something that may sound silly to you may make perfect sense to the person you’re reading for. Stay with it and keep practicing. Before I buy anything from a tag sale or second-hand store, I like to feel into the energy first to make sure it’s something I want to bring home.

There are many ways to develop your psychic senses. You can read psychic development books, watch videos, or take classes. Taking classes is a great way to do it because you’ll be able to ask questions of the teacher. Look on Meetup to see if there are any psychic development classes or groups in your area. Either way, it is important to have the basic structure down before you begin. Most of the above mentioned ways can help show you how to protect yourself, create parameters, and trust yourself in the process.

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Tish is a Rev, Reiki Master/Teacher, psychic medium, and metaphysical teacher.