Change Your Frequency: Relationships

Change Your Frequency: Relationships

Millions of people are seeking their soulmate. People have told me that they go out often to make themselves available to meet someone. Some people try their luck with online dating services. Some people go on many dates but never seem to find “the one”. And then there are those who have given up looking; thinking they’ll never be in a relationship again.

If you’ve asked God or the Universe to bring the right person to you, or you’ve followed the Law of Attraction and the person still hasn’t arrived, you may be getting discouraged – understandably so.

It may simply be that there is something that you must first go through before the person arrives. Maybe it’s a life lesson that is to be learned or accomplished on your own first.

It may also be that your frequency is too low.

There are a few things you may want to consider when manifesting your soulmate. First, ask yourself, honestly, if you are the kind of person you’d want to date. Truly look inside of yourself to see if you would want to date, or marry, a person like you.

Here’s why I ask that question. Let me state that this question is not asked for you to pick out all of your flaws. We’re all flawed! However, if the way you feel about yourself is negative, you may be putting negative energy out around you. A person doesn’t have to be psychic to pick up on your energy. If you don’t feel good enough, they may sense that from you.

Here are more questions to consider: What type of person are you asking for? Are you being specific? How high is your vibration? Are you settling? What type of people are you attracting? Do you feel as those you deserve that type of person that you’ve been asking for? Are you healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually?

Let’s break down these questions:

  • What type of person are you asking for? Are you asking for certain looks or personality traits? Do these traits really fit in with what you’re looking for and who you are? Are you being realistic? Is it what you truly want?

  • How high is your vibration? What do I mean by this? Do you go about your day generally feeling down? Do you look around and perceive others to be happy and feel as though you will never be? Do you have a good sense of self and are you happy with who you are? If you walk around with a sad or gloomy face, others will pick up on it. If you don’t generally feel happy, or if you typically feel left out, you’re operating on a lower vibration of energy. We attract those in the same vibration. If your vibration is high, you feel confident – truly – about who you are, you will attract accordingly. If your vibration is low, those of a higher vibration may not be able to “hear” you because they are on a different frequency.

  • Are you settling? Some people will settle just so they don’t have to be alone.

  • What type of people are you attracting? Look at your past relationships. Were they of the higher, healthy vibration that you would want to attract into your life? Would you prefer a person who’s healthier and of a higher vibration?

  • Are YOU healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually? Let’s look into this further and put all of this together. If you’re looking for someone who is healthy, consider offering them the same in return. The healthier you are, the higher your vibration. Therefore, you’ll be able to attract a person who is on the same vibration as you are.

Without beating yourself up over all the perceived flaws, if you truly don’t believe in yourself, love yourself, trust yourself, it’s hard to ask someone else to feel this way for you.

Let’s look at it another way. If you’ve dated multiple people in the past that took advantage of you, for example, have you asked yourself why? If being taken advantage of is the common thread, you are the common denominator. It may be that you lack healthy boundaries or a healthy self-esteem. It may be a fear of rejection that leads to unhealthy boundaries. These things lead to a lower vibration.

Imagine for a moment that you are generally healthy emotionally and otherwise. What would that look like to you? What would you actually look like? What would your weight be? What is the look on your face? How would you feel inside of yourself in general good health?

Keeping in this higher vibration, look at your past relationships. Would you still want to be with them? It may be that you were of a higher vibration but they were too unhealthy for you. It may be the other way around. You are the only person who can answer that question. Be honest with where you are and where you’ve been.

If you want to attract a healthy person into your life, you must get healthy. How? You could seek help through a mental health professional or a spiritual counselor to look deeper into why you feel depressed, unhappy, etc.

Taking the time to build your “selfs” is worth it! Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-trust, etc. brings you to a healthier place on all levels! This increases your vibration and, therefore, you can bring into your life a person that is on your frequency.

Being healthy makes being alone much easier; you learn to enjoy yourself. Being healthy means you no longer settle for those who bring you down. Being healthy means you settle for no less than where you are. Being healthy raises your vibration to meet others on your frequency.

Once you’re healthy, you can ask, from your new frequency, to bring that person to you. If the person you’ve been asking for can’t hear you, change your frequency!