Opening to Messages through Tarot and Meditation

Opening to Messages through Tarot and Meditation

I have been using tarot for a couple decades. During this time, I’ve had some people tell me that tarot is dark and evil and that I shouldn’t be using them. In my opinion and experience, tarot is only dark or evil if you use it in that manner or if you believe it to be so.

Some people base their opinions on what they’ve seen on TV, heard from their family, or have been told from their church. Because my family was open to tarot, I never formed a negative “belief” about them. Yes, we do need to make our intent clear that we are using them for our highest and greatest good.

To me, tarot is a psychic tool. I firmly believe we were all gifted with psychic senses. Many of us were taught at a young age, however, hat we didn’t see, hear, feel, or experience something “otherworldly” that we, in fact, did. This can cause some self-doubt within us. How can someone tell us what we did or didn’t experience? If you’re not ready to accept your full psychic gifts, you can begin by using tarot as an extension, a tool.

Sitting in meditation and listening to your spirit is a great way of gaining insight and clarification for your life. Many, especially when just beginning, don’t always trust what messages they receive while in meditation. I think part of this stems from the times we were told we didn’t experience things, when we did. So of course we’re going to doubt ourselves and wonder if we’re just making the stuff up.

One of the things you can do is: After meditating, if you received messages, write them down in a journal or somewhere you can find them easily later on. Write down the date, time, and everything you can remember. Take notice of colors, shapes, voices, bodily sensations, etc. Once you’ve written them down you can simply be a bystander to the messages you received. In time, you can look back to see if the messages helped, came true, or made sense. This is a great way to start building self-trust.

In the meantime, while you’re building self-trust, you can also incorporate tarot cards. Remember, they’re only dark, negative, or evil if you choose them to be. Tarot and oracle cards can give us insight into what’s going on or to hidden messages.

The trick is to be open and try to clear your mind before you begin. I always start with meditation so I can connect with the Divine. Even taking a few deep breaths to still and quiet your mind and body is beneficial. I also like to say, “May God speak through me” before I begin a reading. I do this to pull out of my high or low state of mind and bring it to a more balanced state. This helps ensure a better self-reading.

We are all made of energy. Everything is made of energy. This includes your tarot and oracle cards. When you shuffle the deck, it’s picking up on your energy. If your intention is on an outcome you want, the cards can pick up on this. It's also easy to read the cards to fit our own narrative than being open to the messages they're actually giving us. In this case, you may be getting a false reading. Having a clear, open and balanced mind, and coming from a place of neutrality can give us a more accurate reading.

With a clear and open mind, flip over a card and write down your first thought or bodily sensation/reaction. Feel into the card. What symbols stand out to you? What do they mean to you? Write it down. Go deeper. Look again. When you're ready, flip over the next card and do the same thing. If you doubt the messages you’re receiving, state that you are and write down what you’re getting anyway.

Like getting messages while sitting in meditation, it may take a while before you begin to trust yourself with tarot. However, with tarot, you have a tangible tool to help you get to your message; and this can make the process a bit easier.

If you receive a reading that makes you uncomfortable for some reason, remember that your life is what you make of it. Tarot is a tool, but you are the craftsman, the master. If you don’t like what you’re building or what you see ahead, change it. The messages you receive are not carved in stone. You may “see” what will be under certain circumstances. Adjust the circumstances and watch the message change.

I use tarot for my soul. Sometimes I’m unable to see the larger picture of something because there’s just so much going on. When I consult my tarot deck, looking for insight and clarity, it often reveals what I’ve been missing. Sometimes it’s so obvious that it makes me laugh.

You can also use them to see what message is waiting for you from your higher self, or spirit. Shuffle, randomly pick one card, and then flip it over to view it. Feel into it with a clear and open mind. What are you hearing or seeing? Sometimes that’s all it takes for a reminder or a wake-up call. Yes, you can absolutely do this without tarot, but again, sometimes seeing something tangible makes it more real for us.

Some quick tips when using your cards:

  • Meditate to clear and focus your mind and to connect to the divine

  • Energetically (or literally) wash your hands to remove any energy that you’ve picked up during your day

  • Cleanse the energy in your deck

  • Ask for your higher self, guides, angels, etc. to be present

  • Ask your question

  • State your intention that the reading is for your highest, greatest good

  • Ask that God/Universe/Source speaks through you

  • When you’re done, give thanks

At some point I’ll add a blog giving greater detail to the above list. Today’s purpose, however, was to open your mind to messages through tarot and meditation.

Tish is a Reiki Master/Teacher, licensed minister, and metaphysical teacher. If you'd like a private consultation with Tish, please email her at You can visit her website: Soulspirational Wellness for her latest TV shows,