Bring It On!

When I say these words, I feel strong, empowered, and have a great knowing that all good things are coming my way!

When I practice the following "Bring it on" technique, I immediately feel better, lighter. Sometimes I even smile and feel like I know a happy secret. I know all is well. All good things are coming.

Want to know how to do this technique? Read on.

1. Quiet and Breathe: Find a place that's quiet and where you won't be disturbed for a few minutes. Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and take a couple deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Allow your body to relax. This is a nice way to focus your attention on you, and not outside forces.

2. The Surrender Step: This step is optional, but you may find it liberating. Think of an obstacle that is in your way, or something you may be struggling with. Do not dwell on whatever this is. You're simply bringing it to mind.

Once you know what this "thing" is, imagine placing it in a ball of light, and imagine that you're holding this ball in your hands. It doesn't matter what the ball looks or feels like, though you can take notes for other purposes.

When you're ready, imagine sending that ball straight up into the heavens. As you're releasing the ball upwards, briefly state what you're releasing into the hands of God, Source, or to the Universe. (Whatever feels right for you). For example, "Dear God, I'm releasing to you the blockage that is keeping me from finding my perfect romantic partner. I surrender this to you. I don't know how you'll remove it, but I know you will. For this I give thanks. And so it is!

While your hands are straight up in the air, gently open them up and to the sides, like in my picture. Feel your body release this obstacle, or thing, to God.

Words of caution: NEVER take the following steps with negative energy. You DO NOT want to bring in any negativity. ALWAYS allow your energy to shift into high, loving, exciting, joyful energy first.

3. Bring it on!: Bring your hands back down. Take a few moments to focus on what you'd like to manifest into your life. Is it a loving, romantic relationship? Is it better health? Maybe you'd like financial freedom? Whatever it is, allow yourself to really feel what that would be like if you had it right now. Close your eyes. Feel it. Allow yourself to smile. Allow yourself to feel excited. Whatever emotion comes with what you're manifesting, FEEL IT!

Now, hold that emotion. Feel the energy increase or shift inside you. While you're feeling this wonderful feeling, throw your arms up in the air, like in the picture, and say with confidence and surety, "Bring. It. On!". Again, "Bring it on!" Feel the excitement as you declare it! Feel the power in your words! Bring it on!

4. Open yourself to receive: While your arms and hands are opened wide, state that you are ready to receive. "Bring it on! I am open to receive!" Repeat as often as you'd like. Feel the power. Feel the excitement as you make these declarations! I am open to receive! Bring it on!

5. Bring it into your body: While your hands are up and open as you make these declarations, now you'll slowly bring your arms downwards into your being. Feel your words settle into your body. Know that your words have been heard. Without knowing how or when, you know that this thing is on its way to you. It's in the pipeline headed for you. Feel it! Allow it to raise your energy and your vibration. Smile that silly smile of giddiness. You have a special secret: good things are coming your way!

6. Repeat as necessary: You can repeat this technique as often as you'd like and for different things. When something upsets me, I apply this technique and I LOVE it!

Try it. You just might like it!

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